• Advances in Geo-Energy Research

    Aims and Scope
    Advances in Geo-Energy Research (ISSN: 2207-9963; eISS: 2208-598X) aims to publish high quality papers rapidly in the fields of natural geo-energy (oil, gas, coal geothermal, and gas hydrate etc), and focuses on combining theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to the fundamental scientific advances in geo-energy systems. 
    Advances in Geo-Energy Research is an interdisciplinary and international periodical devoted to promote the interaction and multidisciplinary collaboration among scientific groups from different countries and regions, and both industry and academia. The scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium to researchers who are actively involved in all fields of geo-energy systems. 
    Advances in Geo-Energy Research is a quarterly open access journal (sponsored by the Division of Porous Flow, Hubei Province Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering) and free to read for all. It accepts original research articles, reviews, and rapid communications in the following domains of engineering, science and technology (but not limited to):
    Subsurface resource prospecting and characterization
    Basic mechanism of heat and mass transfer in subsurface formation
    New approaches and technologies in enhance oil recovery Oil, gas and natural gas hydrate engineering and geology
    Geothermal, geophysical exploitation and energy transformation. 
    All submitted manuscripts will be blind reviewed and the accepted papers will be published quarterly since 2017.

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